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Meet the Poʻo


Loke Aloua

Loke Aloua is a Kanaka Maoli, māhū who has ancestral ties to Kona. They are lead educator who oversees curriculum development and rehabilitation activities. They coordinate education, research, and restoration efforts. They enjoying playing with their nephews riding skateboard and playing outside.


Kimberly Crawford Salinas

Kimberly Crawford is a settler who was born and raised in Kona. She assists with rehabilitation activities and oversees community gatherings and water policy advocacy. She enjoys spending time with her family and relaxing at the fishpond.


Chris Jr Salinas

Christopher Salinas is a Kanaka Maoli, male who has ancestral ties to Kona. Chris oversees wa’a (canoe) safety, use, and instructions. He helps coordinate fishpond workday initiatives. He is a proud daddy who enjoys spending quality time with his growing family.


Nāmeleokuʻupuʻuwai Naipo-Arsiga

Nāmeleoku’upu’uwai Naipo-Arsiga is a Kanaka Maoli female from Puna who assists with rehabilitation activities and collects kilo data. She enjoys spending time with family and exploring the ocean. 

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