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Kaloko Fishpond



The name "Kaloko" translates into "the pond." There is a rich history that connects this place to the Kamehameha lineage and high ranking Maui chiefs. Overtime, numerous individuals and families have cared for this wahi. Each are unique and special providing a glimpse into traditional fishpond aquaculture.


Loko Kuapā

Kaloko Fishpond is a 11 acre loko kuapā located in the ahupuaʻa of Kaloko in the Kekaha Region of Kona on Hawaiʻi Island. There are two ʻauwai or channels that allows water and fish to pass into the fishpond. To the north, west, and south we have four kiʻo pua or nursery ponds.


Loko Iʻa

ʻAmaʻama or native mullet and awa or milkfish are two fish species that were raised and harvested.

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